25 July 2023

Manufacturers of Face Primers

In the development of highly effective cosmetic products, face primers have become an integral part of the daily beauty routine due to their numerous qualities and functions. They deliver professional results and offer benefits for the skin.  What exactly is a face primer and why is it used?   A face primer is a preparatory step…

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22 June 2023


In the world of make-up, eye shadow is definitely one of the products that has gone through major evolutions, from increasingly innovative and high-performance formulations to virtually endless pigment colour combinations.  Art Cosmetics can develop and customize, based on the needs of each brand, a unique, innovative and original product. Research and anticipation of trends,…

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11 January 2023

Working at Art Cosmetics: How our employees feel

Care, home, future. For our employees, Art Cosmetics is much more than this. It is innovation and energy in their purest forms. It’s experience and constant collaboration, day after day. It’s passion: because without it, we would never have become what we are today: a business with over 500 employees, with the mission to become…

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