22 June 2023


In the world of make-up, eye shadow is definitely one of the products that has gone through major evolutions, from increasingly innovative and high-performance formulations to virtually endless pigment colour combinations

Art Cosmetics can develop and customize, based on the needs of each brand, a unique, innovative and original product. Research and anticipation of trends, styles and new inspirations allow us to meet every customer’s need, offering highly sensorial textures, formulations with the best raw materials and innovative technologies such as “Art Hybrids.” 


When formulating eye products, the right combination of various components and production techniques are crucial. 

Art Cosmetics selects the best raw materials to create textures that ensure excellent and comfortable product performance.

Eyeshadows can come in different cosmetic forms starting from the classic compact or loose powder and ending with fluid, cream or stick eyeshadows. 

There is also no shortage of innovative textures, such as the “Art Hybrids“: the result of study and research in our laboratories, the patented Art Hybrid technology makes it possible to create a new and fascinating category of product that combines in its hybridization process, between compact and fluids, subtle textures with innovative sensorial qualities with extreme colour release and long-lasting performance.

There are many types of eyeshadows that Art Cosmetics develops, among which are: 

  • Powder eyeshadows, available in many varieties of textures and finishes, ideal for combining to create looks suitable for any occasion 
  • Stick eyeshadows, for accurate application and ideal to carry with you at all times 
  • Fluid eyeshadows with high pigmentation and intense colour release 
  • Cream eyeshadows with a velvety, soft and gliding touch. 


For Art Cosmetics, diversity and inclusion are the keywords for developing products that meet the needs of each brand.

Among eye make-up products, eye shadow stands out as the absolute protagonist, with hybrid and multifunctional formulas and a thousand facets of colours and finishes.

Among the timeless trends we find:


To meet the needs of those who wish to experiment with their creativity and show it off on their face, the must-have element is definitely colour: a wide range of shades, from the softest to the boldest, to reinvent one’s look every day.


Eye make-up lights up with infinite reflections, thanks to the many effects that can be achieved: from intense matte to pearlescent, satin, metallicall the way to shimmers with vibrant and luminous shades.


Always current and sophisticated, Smokey Eye can be recreated with eyeshadows of intense and bold colours, skilfully blended over the entire eyelid, to emphasize the gaze making it captivating and charming


Art Cosmetics offers its customers a vast portfolio of formulas that are always on the cutting edge, featuring multiple aspects: immediate colour release, ease of application, versatility of use, long wear and innovative sensorial appeal.

In addition, Art Cosmetics also pays close attention to product design, placing no limits on creativity, and is constantly seeking new inspirations and technologies to help customers make their product unique and highly recognizable.