9 February 2023

Powder manufacturer

Powders are make-up products that come in many formats for specific areas of the face.
Art Cosmetics’ range of powders includes eyeshadows and eyeliners, eyebrow products, primers, foundations, finishing powders, highlighters, bronzers, blushes, and lip products.

Something about powder production

A powder is a combination of raw materials based on conservatives, talc, mica, starches, silicas, and polymers. But… how can a powder adapt to various skin types while ensuring the best sensoriality?

Art Cosmetics can create the perfect powder for every customer depending on their needs and ideas.
Each formula can be personalized with different ingredients, according to the purpose and finish you want to reach, for these reasons it is important to know exactly what kind of product you want to launch on the market.

Art Cosmetics always selects the best raw materials, from matte and light-stable pigments to shiny and multi-reflective pearls, finding the optimal mix to obtain the desired result.

Art Cosmetics powder portfolio

Art Cosmetics offers three different powder categories: 

  • Loose Powders
    Loose powders are a mixture of powdered excipients, texturizers, and pigments.
    These are easy-to-use powders with lightweight and impalpable textures and different uses, from face products (foundation, highlighter, setting powder) to eyeshadows.
  • Compact powders
    Compact powders are the most popular format especially because they are easy to apply and to be carried along for touch-ups throughout the day.
    Raw materials and pigments are finely milled together to reach subtle and pleasant textures then pressed in different formats and shapes. 
  • Wet powders
    These types of powders require a longer and more complex manufacturing process which consists in mixing the powder with a fluid base and then cooking it in a special oven for many hours to obtain smooth and high-performing textures, with extreme color release and great long-lasting effect.

There are three main factors that Art Cosmetics evaluates in order to deliver the best cosmetic powder.

  • Choice of ingredients:
    Art Cosmetics selects ingredients that are sustainable and safe for the environment and the health of consumers.
    The careful selection of ingredients is important to obtain sensorial textures and great performances, while ensuring that the products are safe and suitable for every skin type.
  • The use of exclusive technologies:
    Art Cosmetics is continuously looking for new frontiers accepting the challenge to always create innovative products with the very best quality, is from this constant research and study that Art Hybrid Technology has been created.
    This new manufacturing process allows Art Cosmetics to develop hybrid powders, brand-new textures that combine the benefits of “traditional pressed powders” (thin film and long-lasting wear) with those of the “traditional hot poured products” (sensorial creaming touch, dust-free and comfortable application).
    The outcome is a range of powders with great sensorial touches and extreme performances.
  • Packaging:
    Art Cosmetics is committed to collaborate with partners who share the same values and use sustainable materials. For this reason, Art Cosmetics carefully selects packaging proposals whether they are refillable, recyclable, or biodegradable. 

Powders are used by make-up lovers all around the world.
Choosing a manufacturer who is dedicated to deliver outstanding products, while caring about the environment and the health of consumers, will guarantee your brand’s success in the cosmetic market.

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