11 January 2023

Working at Art Cosmetics: How our employees feel

Care, home, future. For our employees, Art Cosmetics is much more than this. It is innovation and energy in their purest forms. It’s experience and constant collaboration, day after day. It’s passion: because without it, we would never have become what we are today: a business with over 500 employees, with the mission to become the most reliable and innovative point of reference for the production of cosmetics on the Italian and international panorama.

Working at Art Cosmetics means immersing yourself in a healthy environment with deep-rooted values, such as respect, equality, correctness and trust, where the safety of staff and their personal and professional growth are placed at the forefront. When you join Art Cosmetics you become part of a big family, and it is thanks to the serene work conditions we offer our employees and to the contribution that they all make, every day, achieving goals and targets that make this such a solid, constantly developing company.

Today, it is unthinkable to imagine a workplace with no room for ideas and innovation and this is why, with us, you are free to imagine, dream and express your full potential, taking on board new challenges with determination and an enterprising spirit.

Working at Art Cosmetics is care, home, future, innovation, collaboration, growth, freedom, experience, passion and energy. Listen to our employees. Watch the video Art People.