4 September 2023


Foundation has always been regarded as an essential product in the daily beauty routine, serving to even out the complexion and prepare it for subsequent makeup application.

How to choose the right foundation? 

Selecting the appropriate foundation is crucial for achieving a flawless and long-lasting complexion. It is important to opt for textures that suit your skin tone and type.

Depending on the formulation, certain foundations may be more or less suitable for specific skin types. For instance, powder foundations or those with an ultra-matte finish are better suited for oily or mixed-type skin, whereas fluid foundations, mousse foundations, or cream foundations with a natural and radiant finish are more suitable for dry or mature skin. 

When it comes to choosing the correct colour, it is preferable to test the product directly on your face or the inner part of your arm, as these areas tend to reveal undertones more easily. 

Foundation must-haves

Foundation enthusiasts often seek products that not only provide colour coverage but also offer additional skincare benefits through the inclusion of active ingredients. 
Therefore, the must-have qualities that influence the selection of one foundation over another include: 

  • Skinification: A trend characterised by formulations that bridge the gap between makeup and skincare, incorporating active ingredients and raw materials that improve skin well-being. 
  • Natural finish: Foundations that enhance the natural beauty of the skin without appearing heavy, whether they are lightweight or more covering. 
  • Foundations tailored to specific needs: such as those with sun protection 24/7, with long-lasting properties, or designed for specific skin requirements.  

Why choose Art Cosmetics? 

Art Cosmetics, always attentive to the needs of its customers and committed to innovation in terms of raw materials and expertise, has acquired extensive experience in foundation formulation. Art Cosmetics believes that a one-size-fits-all approach does not suffice when it comes to foundation, recognizing the importance of tailoring its products to address the specific requirements of each brand and each skin. The company’s quest for increasingly innovative and high-performing ingredients enables the creation of products that offer exceptional performance while delivering unique and unexpected sensory experiences.