7 December 2022

Sustainability in beauty products: the challenge of the future

In the last few years, awareness has been raised around the subject of sustainability, and
both consumers and companies are trying to reduce the impact they have on the environment by opting for greener alternatives.

How the beauty industry is promoting sustainability

As the demand for more eco-friendly products increases, the beauty industry is making more conscious choices regarding its ingredients, packaging, and production.

More specifically, when it comes to creating beauty products, whether it’s makeup or skincare, companies are paying more attention to ingredients and are choosing to use more sustainable ones, where possible.

As for the manufacturing of products, the beauty industry is trying to minimize waste, and the use of water, and is continuously investing in renewable energy.

The same can be said for the packaging of products. Nowadays, companies prefer to use greener materials that can be easily recycled.


To reduce their environmental impact, companies are using an increasing amount of ingredients from sustainable sources.


Companies are paying greater and greater attention to the energy they use to make cosmetics. They are also adopting more eco-friendly solutions such as photovoltaics and solar panels, while also reducing waste such as excessive water consumption.


For many years the beauty industry produced products that came in packaging that was difficult to dispose of and harmful to the planet.

As concern grew, the use of eco-friendly packaging became a priority, and many companies have decided to make a change and opt for more sustainable alternatives.

The use of plant-based materials is a smart choice when making biodegradable packaging.
Single-use plastic is also being reduced, and currently, companies are launching products whose packaging can be easily recycled or made from recycled raw materials.

Art Cosmetics for sustainability

Art Cosmetics is very much dedicated to reducing its environmental impact, beginning with the choice of the ingredients used, the composition of the packaging, and the production method.

The increased use of sustainable raw materials is a priority for Art Cosmetics, which not only has consumer health but also our planet’s safety at heart 

Art Cosmetics chooses its suppliers carefully and asks them to sign a Code of Conduct to ensure that ethics, sustainability, and consumer and environmental safety remain a priority.

The three essential components of environmentally responsible consumer behavior to protect our environment are: reduce, reuse, and recycle

  • reduce the use of unrecyclable materials
  • reuse packaging through a smart refill system
  • recycle used cosmetics packaging, wherever possible

Sustainability is also the main theme when it comes to the production process:

  • the wastewater treatment plan aims to reduce liquid waste by 50%    
  • thanks to the use of photovoltaic system 147 tons of CO2eq were avoided, corresponding to approximately 13,000 new trees planted 
  • In general, CO2 production was reduced by 6%
  • The industrial waste production was reduced by more than 25% 

Moreover, Art Cosmetics has decided to adhere to the United Nations 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development, focusing on the following Sustainable Development Goals:


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