4 September 2023

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss, the beloved product of teenagers in the ’90s, has made a remarkable comeback and is now a versatile and highly trendy cosmetic. It not only adds shine to the lips but also allows for the creation of sophisticated and bold looks. Lip gloss can be used in combination with lipsticks and lip pencils to complete the makeup, providing a luminous effect and adding volume to the lips. 

The Resurgence of Lip Gloss

One of the most favoured effects by celebrities and influencers is the wet lips look, which is both of great impact and easy to achieve.  To create this look, simply apply a layer of lipstick to the lips and then finish it off with a transparent gloss or a gloss in a matching shade.  

The wet lips effect can be adapted to create a nude makeup look or to balance out a more intense eye makeup.  

Lip Contouring with Lip Gloss 

Alongside lip gloss, lip contouring has made a comeback in an updated version that incorporates the use of gloss. This technique, popular since the early ’90s, takes centre stage in makeup with a gradient effect that enhances the lips and makes them more alluring.  To achieve this effect, darker shades are preferred, as they add a touch of audacity to the classic nude look

How to Achieve It? Start by outlining the lips using a dark-coloured lip pencil and then fade it with a brush. Complete the makeup by applying a transparent gloss or a tone-on-tone gloss to highlight and volumize the lips. 

Why choose Art Cosmetics? 

Choosing Art Cosmetics as your partner for the production of a lip gloss line ensures access to highly performing formulations and a wide variety of colours and finishes. Their range includes classic shades with varying opacities as well as special effects like extra-pearlescent, swirl, marble, and holographic finishes. 

Furthermore, we can assist you in identifying the most suitable packaging to enhance the product and meet all your usability needs. In this specific case, for instance, we can recommend an ideal applicator to maximise the sensory experience and achieve optimal dispensing and application of the product.