Artcosmetics is an innovation accelerator. It is inspired by our fast-changing world. Travelling between cities, it fuels its creativity with art, fashion and the planet’s most glamorous trends. It originates unique beauty concepts. It produces prototypes and market-tests them fast. It can supply large volumes once ideas are successfully launched. Agile and flexible, it works to the tightest delivery times with customisations to delight the most demanding clients.



01 we are inspired by art and nature
we pick up trends in the hot-spots where they are born
we seek out the best raw materials

02 we evolve innovative ideas
we design new collections
we perform in-depth brand analysis

03 we develop exclusive formulas
we choose color ranges
we create prototypes

04 we package products to your requirements
we shape them to market demand
we fine-tune prototypes

05 we use the latest technologies
we optimize costs
we have high volume capabilities

06 we package
we deliver in record times
we handle market launches


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