Our products are innovative, high quality and unique. Real works of art, that stand out on the market. Products of the future, ready today.

Excellent results need excellent products. From colors to textures, from fragrances to active ingredients, from all-day lasting to care for the skin. We define total quality in just a few golden rules. At every age and in every culture, beauty has always demanded know-how and care.

Our products speak the Skincare revolution, they are HONEST, from the product itself to its ingredients. They are CLEAR, with frills reduced to the limits and with a lot of natural origin raw materials. Our products are easy to use and formulated to have INSTANT results.


Eternal symbol of seduction, lipstick has always had cult status for women. It is a constant in every woman’s beauty look. It highlights the lips, draws admiring glances, boosts self-esteem and is easy to use. Lipstick and lip cosmetics add beauty to the everyday routine. Artcosmetics has raised lip beauty to an art, creating primers, lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms for you. Emulsion and anhydrous, in fluid or poured form.


Welcome to our vast powder family. Loose, compact, based and injected, with colors and textures of every type and kind. A palette worthy of the finest artist. Artcosmetics has a vast assortment of products for impeccable make-up: primer, powder, FDT-powder, bronzer-blush, all-over/highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrow products. Our range includes both dry powders (loose, tasselli and degradé) and and wet types (baked and injected). A myriad of colors, to bring brightness and grace to any face and eyes.


History takes us a long way back ….. to Cleopatra, in ancient Egypt. Even then, health and beauty were fundamental and beauty products all-important, At Artcosmetics we draw on a legacy of know-how reaching back to the dawn of time, to give today’s women the vital products for their beauty look. In other words, foundations: primer, concealer – foundation, BB/CC/DD creams, bronzer-blush, all-over, highlighter. Emulsion and anhydrous, available in fluid and poured formulations in pan, stick and delivery systems.


Our conscious, skilfull creative process allows us to master the art of eye catching make up. Using every feature we managed to differentiate the product’s appeal in its every expression: pleasant textures, masterful usage of colors, original and fun shapes to explore every form of beauty.
We brought emulsions and anhydrous formulations to different lives: today, we can produce a variety of delivery systems such as chubby eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow products.


The same approach for the same great success, with the same tenacity, strength and creativity. We are growing implementing new researches and studies in the skincare world. We offer the most innovative products, supported by the most high-performing active ingredients technology. Not ordinary skincare, but unexpected, creative, natural, sustainable and hi-tech. We are constantly focused on creating products that can give your skin  – and your global wellness – real results.

Our products do care for the skin, with an immediate boost to its vitality and energy. Artcosmetics has conceived and formulated a vast array of different solutions for every need: serums, face and body lotions, specific creams for the neck and hands, sport sprays, masks, all-over oils, cleansing oils and much, much more for you.

Our beauty routine has new more effective goals: to lift and plump, to hydrate, to moisturize, to glow, to calm, to mattify.

Our products help forging connections that improve the skin’s ability to employ the power of skincare itself.

Let’s talk about serum-sly. 

Artskin is clean

Our skincare vision is also “clean”, not only to avoid negative buzz around environmental issues over the media but also to engage with a specific group of consumers who belong to the clean movement.

Being different is a responsible, visionary choice!

We say yes to:

–     vegan ingredients

–     sustainable production and respect for the environment

–     low impact chemical processes

–     ethical approach

–     fair trade active ingredients

Less is better: it’s true and it’s ARTCLEAN!

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